Eduardo Pérez has over 30 years producing impactful images and multimedia for the corporate world, consumer products, non-for-profits and celebrities.

Companies industries such as manufacturing, health, food, technology, fashion, hospitality, entertainment, and education among many others, take advantage of the expertise showcasing their brands.

Individuals trust Eduardo’s eyes to capture powerful images and messages that reflect their leadership.

As an entrepreneur and professor of a photography school, Eduardo integrated his professional and creative experience with the industries trends. Eduardo specialized in illumination and creative photography being able of producing high quality photography’s and videos in exterior and interior environments.

He graduated from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. As a certified photography professor and educated thousands of students, Eduardo continue educating himself in several workshops in the United States and Puerto Rico. Eduardo work with different types of lights system with all style of modern illumination that is on the market.

Eduardo became a seasoned photographer in Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Entertainment and Fashion industries, among others, capable of merging traditional photography and multimedia with new technology available to fulfill every customer needs.

Our MissionCreate an outstanding and innovative experience to our customers in a cost-effective way. Exceed customer satisfaction and facilitating their objectives to fulfill the challenges of the industries through digital photography and multimedia.

Interview Questions

Q: What is different in your studio?

A: Our customer will find in our studio a unique and high-quality product. Eduardo Pérez Studio is more than a photography business. The client will be able to exceed expectations getting a creative product including all services if necessary (stylist, casting, food styling, makeup, production coordination, among others). Our photography’s and videos can be use in collateral materials, such billboards, and newspaper, TV but not limited, because of the high quality and resolution.

We have dynamic and outstanding personnel capable in the usage and dominion of all the newest photography equipment’s, using the most vanguard light technology. We have the knowledge and cater to all levels of the photography field. In additional, we offer two studies for rent by film or photography professionals. These facilities accommodate from tabletop to full sized automotive projects.

Q: Have you (Eduardo) created any new services in this business?

A: Yes, we have blended conventional technology with newest technology available in market, resulting in a fusion of art that exceeded every expectation of all clients. We constantly create new services, such as musical production and “drone” aerial photography and multimedia.

What we do Eduardo Perez Studio has two studios completely equipped able to have two production at the same time. The facilities are prepared to have sceneries with furniture, cars and big equipment. At Eduardo Pérez Studio, you can have all type of creation of images, such as profile photos, fashion, commercial, food stylist, vnr, videos and commercials. The studios are available for productions, castings, workshops/courses and for rent.

Eduardo Pérez is the President of Eduardo Pérez Studio and D’Rose División Fotografía, Inc., a certified vocational photography school. The facilities are located at Bayamón, Puerto Rico.


  • 1981 Eduardo Pérez began to work with advertising Agencies and Production companies with quartz light.
  • 1985 Open his first photography studio.
  • 1985 Began working for one of the top-modeling agencies, D’Rose International.
  • Became one of the most popular service suppliers in the area due to the incorporating of digital photography in his work.
  • 2003 Open a photography vocational school, D’Rose División Fotografía, Inc., and developed two new studios located at Bayamón.
  • 2004 Got accreditation from “Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico” for the school.
  • 2005 Became a provider of “Rehabilitación Vocacional de Puerto Rico” for people that qualify and need helps for education and equipment to open a new business.
  • 2007 Got accreditation from “Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico” for D’Rose División Fotografía.
  • 2008 Include multimedia in the school curriculum.
  • 2014 Introduce aereal “drone” photography for the client.
  • 2015 Developed a sound room. Available for rent or production services.
  • 2017 Indroduced a new course in musical production and streaming services.
  • 2018 Includes rental offers for studios.
  • 2019 Introduce additional courses, seminars or consultant services for individuals or groups.

Overview Eduardo Pérez Studio creates a unique point of view in the art of fashion and commercial photography. EPD Studios has continued to create vanguard services during the years targeting the Fashion and Commercial Photography market.